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I remember you…

I remember you…

you with the beautiful eyes

and a smile that made my heart stop

the bringer of sunshine to my cloudy world

remember your scent, assaulting me

forcing me to look up and take notice

I remember you…

with the sweet words like soft caresses

with each stroke breaking down my walls

defenses crumbling around me

gladly falling into an upward spiral

completely lost, forever captive

into the sweetness of your mouth

drinking deeply from the pools of your gentle touch

I remember you…

with your cruel words, and sword edged rebukes

burning me with the fire of your rejection

turning to ashes the evidence of my surrender

tearing to pieces the open doors of my heart

turning to bitter acid, the pools of tears

flowing to my feet,  a river of regret

I remember you…

you came, you saw, you destroyed

riding off  to the sunset

on a horse of my innocence

in the wake of your destruction

no backward glance to the empty shell

yearning for just one more taste, one more look, one more touch

I remember you..

less human, more devil

less giver, more destroyer

you shouldn’t have, but you did

and I remember you…

© Aisha Ali