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Lost Friends

Days turn into weeks, months rush to years

Suddenly too many years have passed

Too many words left unsaid

Now we’re two strangers with a past

Once a vital extension of me

Endless conversations turned into awkward silences

Barely able to string  two sentences

You built a home in my heart

Slowly dug a hole and made your roots

A special place, your own space

Hours upon hours building dreams

There was no tear you couldn’t dry

Not a problem you couldn’t help me carry

Tireless in your love for me

There were no words to describe what we felt

No words are needed

No one can match the shape of your eyes, the turn of your smile

No one can say the right words, bring out the right laugh

Through your love I learned to love myself,  the beauty of my heart

Through your encouragement I learned to believe myself, I saw my worth

I mourn the years of memories

The loss of my sounding board, my confidant

I weep for years of lost laughter

The miles of unspent moments

The person who gave me tough love when I needed it

My adviser, my shoulder to lean on, my no.1 fan…

My best friend

Should Wayne Rooney Raise Our Kids?

Everyone who knows me knows I’m an avid football fan. And Manchester United is my team of choice. Although I had a passing interest in them before, I seriously fell in love with Manchester United in the season of 1998-1999. This is the season that Man U managed to make history and win a Treble in one season; The English Premier, The FA Cup and the Champions League. The final matches for that season were dramatic and the climax was coming from behind beat Bayern Munich during injury time.


So right now I am caught in the Wayne Rooney drama. For those who don’t know, Wayne Rooney has been bombarded with accusations of cheating on his wife. Gasp. With a £1200 a night PROSTITUTE. Double Gasp. WHEN HIS WIFE WAS PREGNANT!!! Help me I need CPR!! Yep, that’s just how the British interweb is reacting right now. I can almost feel the excitement jump at me from my scree.n Meanwhile neither Rooney, nor his wife has said anything so far. So I’ve spent most of the day trolling the net reading accusations, analysis and  comments.

A prostitute might lay asunder..

But this post is not about football, per se nor is it really about the clandestine lifestyle of the rich.

Stories like this are getting common in the sports and entertainment scenes and it seems that no one really learned anything from the Tiger Woods debacle. And immediately after the stories break, the comments from the outraged public come in thick and fast. Most of them condemning and self-righteous. People are disappointed in these men and women (as in the example of Alicia Keys) especially because they had been role models to many kids. It’s even worse when the accused had no history or previous indication of the said behaviour. This is the same excuse, as Tiger Woods learned, that the sponsors use when they canceling  all those lucrative endorsement deals.

And I get it, successful sportsmen and even some entertainers are great in helping to motivate our kids and help build confidence in their numerous talents and abilities. And since I decided my male offspring will play football, (£100,000 a week, anyone?) I can understand what kind of influence they can have. But why are we giving  the Tiger Woods of this world be the authority when it comes to the moral upbringing of our children?

First off, these guys didn’t get where they are due to their exemplary character. They had a talent and utilized to become the best in it. But we are partly to blame for placing them on pedestals forgetting that they’re all just living their live albeit in the public eye and are prone to all the stupidity and mistakes that the rest of us make. Secondly, if your child is looking up to these guys for guidance, then as a parent you need to do a serious self-examination. It is your responsibility to make sure you raise your kids right to be able to make the right choices.

So before we go lashing at these “role-models” for living their lives and not being able to handle the responsibilities we imposed on them,  let’s make sure WE are our kids best role models.

And as for Wayne Rooney and his family, my sympathies. But my business with all this is whether he’ll be able to get past this and play well for the team. I hope so. And dude, next time, confidentiality contracts are your best friend!!

God made me a woman…

What is it about us women that can drive us to make a man the sole and the most vital point of our existence? That makes us believe that everything else can stop to matter except that one man? Keeping in mind there are a million other men with more or less the same attributes? Is it in our genetic make up, or is it our emotions?

Before you roll your eyes and label this one more bitter and disillusioned male basher, please read on. I LOVE men, hanging out with them, loving them, just being with them. I believe that men and women cannot live without each other and companionship is very important. But this post was inspired by an incident.

A relative of mine recently split with her husband. That in itself is not stuff that makes blogs anymore, but what led to the divorce is. I think it warrants some recording. The couple had been married for about 2 yrs before the dude was transferred to another city. The husband wanted her to move there as well. However, it would have been very difficult for her to get a new job in the same caliber she had now in the new place. Second problem is that she had a son from a previous marriage. She had fought a bitter battle with her ex husband for the custody of the child, and eventually they came up with the agreement that they would share, with him visiting his dad, every two weekends, and spend half of his school holidays there. So if she were to move towns the dad would claim the child. For a while they tried the long distance thing. But the husband kept up the pressure and eventually she caved in.  So this smart, beautiful, successful woman decided to leave everything, including her son, behind so that she can go be with her man. And herein comes in the twist in the tale. The moment she tells the dude that she’s moving, he drops the bomb. Turns out, dude is already married to someone else, and the pressure for her to move was just a bluff so that he can use that as an excuse to split. Whooooosh!! That took my breath away too!

I’m sure every time she lays awake at night she thinks about all that she was willing to give up for this man. And just how close she got to losing it all. Including the man! I don’t have kids, but I’m lucky to know a number of mothers, and these women would die for their children if they had to. So for a woman to be willing to give up her child, then it must be one heck of a bond!

This made me think. I know of several women who have very successful lives i.e. job, family, friends, but the moment their relationships with their men have issues, then their whole world falls apart. I, myself have been guilty of this. There were times when my family life was falling apart, my career sucked, but because I had this man in my life, you couldn’t get the smile off my face and the joy in my heart. All was well with me.

You gotta give it to men. They have such a unique and interesting hold on us.