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I write…

I walk, I learn, I run.

I dream, I write, I lament.

I lose, I wait, I stagger.

I listen.

I leave, I cry.

I put down my thoughts

I create, these fruits of my failures

I turn back and regret

And reach out to empty

I breathe, the dying gasps of love

I aim to please but please don’t try

The sky is the limit, beyond my reach

I write my truth, my simple words

I write in blood, my fears laid bare

The Sound of Africa/ When the Battle is Over

The guns have stopped

The silence echoes their deadly intent

The child with a broken body,

Won’t stop screaming

Blood scorches his back

The bloody rivers that rush down hill

To cleanse him of his father’s sins

The guns have stopped

Africa’s wailing voice

The only sound heard from space

Broken houses, shattered pelvics

The future of Africa rebuilt on Rwandan skulls

Grasses made of human hair, ochre paste made from blood

The Savannah is silent with groans of pain

The guns have stopped

The desert people use the stars to mark their paths

They hide in bunkers, where stars don’t shine

They twinkle hopefully,

In the empty deserts of Libya

The desert people are blind to their paths

The guns have stopped

The earth’s belly is full, fed on Africa’s flesh

The limbs of Nigeria

The indignity of Somalia

The mad eyes of Cote d’Ivoire

The weary feet of Uganda

The bowed backs of Kenya

The earth is full, it burps

Its spew out the oil, the colour of rage

It vomits diamonds, dead irises staring

The guns have stopped

My friend’s yearning eyes look at the sky

She dreams of her land, her home

She imagines the feel of her soil, the scent of her Africa

Closes her eyes and feel the sunlight of Zimbabwe

She licks the tears and tastes the rain from Harare

The guns have stopped

The rain is finally falling

Heavy clouds, carrying the hopes of a million flesh robots

It’s finally raining

We hold our arms wide open,  faces upturned

And receive grenades of blessings

Africa is rejoicing

Africa is free


Listening to the wind

Swirling around my frozen face

My ears strain for the last beat

But the fury of the rain hides your call

Dry lips breathe your name

Sound of fading footsteps in the distance

The last word

A trail of misconceptions

Burning through my soul

The final word

A sword

Tearing through the sweet membranes

Of our memories

Poison words

I hear their breathing

Heaving chest pressed on my palms

I feel them beckoning

Soothing words

Mesmerized with their sweet offerings

Held captive

They scream their demands

Holding my heart for ransom

Chaining me with my desires

I must pay the ultimate prize

A prisoner of my fears

Simple words

I seek my freedom

I seek to dance

Like a paintbrush on the canvas

Of your love

I seek acceptance

A whisper of joy

Sweet words

I see…

Tribute to my Late Grandmother- Madam


I see blood,

And rivers of wasted tears

The sun’s blinding rays, on these soulless eyes

I see her last breath,

As they lay her to rest

Unformed words, caught in the winter gale

I see the spirit

Of her former self

A sigh of relief, the chains have been released

I see the past,

A smoky mist fading in the west

Bleeding feet, rocky paths, thorny leaves

I see the road, a worn out path

Ghosts of my ancestors, plodding through

I see a blinding smile,

Her face at peace, embracing her demise

I see dreams, floating around

Wrapped in hope’s rainbow ribbons

I see victory, the scent of the rain

Cleansing through my deepest fears

I see me,

My head held high

Swaying to the earth’s song

I hear her whisper

Awake my child,

It’s the beginning of a new dawn

Packing up/Suitcase of Deceit

Stood there with your half-smile.

Sitting on the bed, packing your bags.

Looking at me with those cool eyes,

A shirt here, a sock there.

Leaning your fine frame against the door,

Tied in with the pieces of my life

One foot already through the next open door

I pack the lies, folded with the ties

Carelessly caressing your jaw

In this corner a toothbrush, boxed in with the promises

Feeling like you’re stroking my skin

I pack away the time it took me to believe,

Giving me that sexy side eye.

Under the sweater that warmed my heart

Your lips moving, my heart clinging on every word.

I see the time it took you to deceive

I’m caught staring at their soft curve

In the threads of your favourite shirt

Almost imagine their smooth feel

All the traces of our love, neatly folded

But those lips deliver fatal blows;

All that was us, heaped in a stack

Said with lightness, it’s like a summer breeze.

Packed tightly, like all your sleaze

Your attitude is cool, like we’re talking the weather.

Shed off the baggage, it’s time to fly

Lost Friends

Days turn into weeks, months rush to years

Suddenly too many years have passed

Too many words left unsaid

Now we’re two strangers with a past

Once a vital extension of me

Endless conversations turned into awkward silences

Barely able to string  two sentences

You built a home in my heart

Slowly dug a hole and made your roots

A special place, your own space

Hours upon hours building dreams

There was no tear you couldn’t dry

Not a problem you couldn’t help me carry

Tireless in your love for me

There were no words to describe what we felt

No words are needed

No one can match the shape of your eyes, the turn of your smile

No one can say the right words, bring out the right laugh

Through your love I learned to love myself,  the beauty of my heart

Through your encouragement I learned to believe myself, I saw my worth

I mourn the years of memories

The loss of my sounding board, my confidant

I weep for years of lost laughter

The miles of unspent moments

The person who gave me tough love when I needed it

My adviser, my shoulder to lean on, my no.1 fan…

My best friend



Bodies flying,

Blurred visions,

Broken walls,


Loud screams of fear, pain and anger.

Choking on thick smoke,

Words swallowed in fear.

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the missing by Suheir Hammad

the way loss seeps
into neck hollows
and curls at temples
sits between front teeth
empty and waiting
for mourning to open
the way mourning stays
forever shadowing vision
shaping lives with memory
a drawer won’t close
sleep elusive
smile illusive
the only real is grief
forever counting the days
minutes missing without knowing
so that one day
you find yourself
showering tears
missing that love
like sugar
aches teeth

Guest Poet: Kush Gathu

Meet Kush Gathu, my friend and honorary small bro. I love his writing and I’ve been trying to get him to share his stuff for a while, but since he’s reluctant I’ve decided to throw him in the deep end. 🙂 Sometimes all we need is a friend to nudge (all right this was more of a shove) us in the right direction…

Below is a sample of his stuff. Enjoy.

Promise to my unborn…

I know it’s kind of weird somewhat sort of strange,

But I’m sure I’m very sober and not at all deranged,

I’m making a promise to you at such a tender age

And I’m doing this now coz I’m indescribably enraged.

I promise to be there for you from the moment you exist

And all the undesirable things I’ll be doing I promise to desist,

I’ll take you to the best schools so no living thing can take for a fool,

Buy you the best attire so to your peers you’ll be looking cool,

I promise to learn what you hope for and what you fear,

Teach you the ways of the world so everything is clear

And if you ever need to talk daddy will always be near,

To hold you, embrace you and forever to lend his listening ear.

I’ll take note of what you like, what you don’t and what you might,

Be a guiding light in the day and darkest nights.

I promise never to criticize, demoralize or victimize you,

Nurture your mind and spirit to be civilized too

Coz you are me and I am you and for eons we both shall be….

I promise

She is

She is the most beautiful being I’ve ever seen,

To grace her presence makes me feel like a king,

She may not know this but for her I would kill,

And if I was to lose her I can’t begin to imagine the anguish I would feel.

She is more than just your average woman, more of a deity but still very human,

When she speaks her beautiful voice soothes my sadness

And when she’s sad her crystal tears fuel my madness.

Her tender touch is infinitely unmatched; she would soften any iron clad heart.

She is my source of strength, power and inspiration;

Joy, peace, love and motivation.

So I take this opportunity to make this declaration,

That I love you mama and I will be here for you regardless of the situation….

Mr. President

Excuse me Mr. President,

I am a hard-working resident,

You can tell from the lines on my face it’s quite evident,

I wanna express what I feel and I got some evidence.

I work hard toil for hours on end,

While your cronies fatten off my blood and sweat,

Insecurity is everywhere it’s a business that’s booming,

I try to smile but my face is so gloomy,

I just need you to explain something to me,

And don’t play games just answer me fully.

Why do I have to pay for your house and your car,

Your trips overseas and the drinks in your bar,

The fuel in your jet and your visits to the spa?

Please Mr. President make me understand

At least then maybe I won’t be so mad.

You and your friends with 6 foot bodyguards,

While we’re in the hood with 16 body bags.

Try and make me understand;

I feed you, clothe you, take you on trips to expensive hotels,

Buy you state of the art cars and even fuel them for you,

Pay for your entertainment, gym and spa

And last but definitely not least pay for highly trained security

While I live a life plagued by poverty, disease and unending insecurity.

I respect you Mr. President, but I just need to understand

Why don’t you ever return the Favours??

Hear My Prayer

Dear God,

It’s me again

I’ve called out to You many times

I’ve sent my problems Your way

Sometimes it seems I’m always whining.

My prayers to You have been various

Sometimes selfish, sometimes mundane

But this time God, I have a special request

This time I ask for You.

Dear God,

I feel empty

I’ve walked many streets

I’ve met many people

I have laughed, cried, loved and despaired

I have found pleasure and deep sadness in this world

But despite being around people, I fee alone.

Like I’m caught in a circle of icy vacuum

No one can pierce through to touch me

No matter how much they care, how much they reach out

I  now know it’s only You who can fill this void.

Dear God,

I need you

I’m tired of crying alone in the dark

The only time I can dare show my shame

Drowning me in bitter regret

Helpless and lost

I seek reassurance, comfort, solace.

Dear God,

I’m on my knees

I’m insignificant without You

I submit myself to Your will, my Lord

I beg you to hear my call

Hold my hand and guide me

Committing me to Your cause

Dear Lord, hear my prayer