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Listening to the wind

Swirling around my frozen face

My ears strain for the last beat

But the fury of the rain hides your call

Dry lips breathe your name

Sound of fading footsteps in the distance

The last word

A trail of misconceptions

Burning through my soul

The final word

A sword

Tearing through the sweet membranes

Of our memories

Poison words

I hear their breathing

Heaving chest pressed on my palms

I feel them beckoning

Soothing words

Mesmerized with their sweet offerings

Held captive

They scream their demands

Holding my heart for ransom

Chaining me with my desires

I must pay the ultimate prize

A prisoner of my fears

Simple words

I seek my freedom

I seek to dance

Like a paintbrush on the canvas

Of your love

I seek acceptance

A whisper of joy

Sweet words

Heart’s Awakening

It’s amazing how much we take for granted. And how much we can go through life without even realizing it. Because we’ve always had something; family, friends, health, life, religion, we assume we have a right to it and hence treat it as we choose. Sometimes we barely notice that we have it. It’s relegated to the background of our lives.

It’s only when you are confronted by someone else, someone who discovered what you’ve always had and see it through their eyes that you realize just how lucky you have been. You see someone else hold what you always thought was rightfully yours, and you see them look at it with awe and wonder in their eyes. You see the gentleness in their hands as if they are holding the most fragile thing, and you think of how roughly you’ve mishandled it. You see the joy in their faces, for discovering this thing, for finally being able to have this thing and you think of the millions of times that you barely acknowledged it. You see how this person is willing to sacrifice so much to protect it, the struggle they go through every day to make sure they have it and your eyes are suddenly opened and you see the beauty of what you always had, in the hands of someone else. You see just how ungrateful you have been.

My heart is filled with shame. Shame and profound sadness for all the years I have wasted in my life pursuing fickle things, chasing after this world, when Allah blessed me, the day I was born a Muslim. I read a strangers words and saw myself through their eyes, saw the beauty of the gift that was bestowed upon me and I weep. I weep with shame and regret and with hope. Hope that all is not lost yet.  The journey of life is filled with discovery, making mistakes and missteps. The lucky ones are allowed to see the errors of their ways, and to correct them.

To the stranger whose words will always resonate in my heart, I thank you. May Allah open the gates of the highest place in Jannah for you.

May Allah forgive me my  past transgressions and lead the Ummah to the right path. Ameen

“Ya muqalibul quluub thabit qalbii ala diinik”