Lost Friends

Days turn into weeks, months rush to years

Suddenly too many years have passed

Too many words left unsaid

Now we’re two strangers with a past

Once a vital extension of me

Endless conversations turned into awkward silences

Barely able to string  two sentences

You built a home in my heart

Slowly dug a hole and made your roots

A special place, your own space

Hours upon hours building dreams

There was no tear you couldn’t dry

Not a problem you couldn’t help me carry

Tireless in your love for me

There were no words to describe what we felt

No words are needed

No one can match the shape of your eyes, the turn of your smile

No one can say the right words, bring out the right laugh

Through your love I learned to love myself,  the beauty of my heart

Through your encouragement I learned to believe myself, I saw my worth

I mourn the years of memories

The loss of my sounding board, my confidant

I weep for years of lost laughter

The miles of unspent moments

The person who gave me tough love when I needed it

My adviser, my shoulder to lean on, my no.1 fan…

My best friend

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