God Made Me A Woman.. Part 2

A couple of weeks back I was reading  World Without End by Ken Follet.  It’s 1000 plus pages long and interesting reading. Kept me in the house some days just turning pages.  The only annoying thing about reading a big book, is when someone sees me carrying it, and ask “are you going to finish all  this?” The automatic response I want to give is roll my eyes and say “No, I just carry it to try build my arm muscles with all this weight.” But since I suffer from good upbringing, I instead smile like the polite girl my mum would love to believe I am (I see your sniggers). What they don’t know is I’m a beast when it comes to reading. I devour books. I’ve been known to pull all-nighters and I once told my friends I would rather read than hang out with them.

Anyways, one of the main characters in the book is this girl, and her father tries to sell her. For a cow. He needed a cow and didn’t have any money to buy one, so he decided to trade his daughter for it. So he made a deal with this unsavory character; he didn’t even care about how the dude would treat his daughter or what he wanted to use her for (prostitution). As far as he was concerned, that was one less mouth for him to worry about.

The girl was  more shocked by her dad’s blasé attitude towards her. She was a woman and hence a commodity to be used as he saw fit. And the cow was more valuable than her! Worse, when the authorities were asked to intervene, they concluded that she was his father’s property and they could not interfere. Did I mention that the book is based on 14th Century England? No? Oh sorry, for getting you all worked up. This kind of thing only happened in the dark ages. Right now women have rights and are respected and have a choice in how they live their lives. Right?

I thought so too, and then I come across articles like this one, and I start thinking that maybe being a woman is the biggest curse that was bestowed upon me! Just for a moment though, because then the rage overtakes me and it doesn’t allow any thoughts of self-pity. HOW DARE THEY??? I’m consumed with the kind of impotent rage that makes me weep, because  I feel so helpless.  I can’t do anything right now to help these women and many more  like them.  I cry  when I think that right now in 2010 there are women who  are still not allowed to choose how to live their lives. I despair when I think of countless of women who are still denied their basic rights and endure horrific abuse in places like Afghanistan,  and DR Congo simply because they’re women.

None of us chose what gender we are. But somehow throughout  the ages being a woman has been considered a handicap and women are considered less than men. I know that huge strides have been made but as long as there is even one woman still being subjected to humiliation and degradation simply because of her gender, then not enough has been done.

Was God wrong in making me a woman?

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  • Empire of Epiphany  On May 28, 2012 at 4:13 am

    As of today, in South Asia there’s many young girls being forced into child prostitution. MOST of them make a living out of it imagine! Their brains are literally being hijacked into constant obedience towards their communities and above it all are led to believe that it is their only route to survival, or that they’re doing something good for themselves. Sad.

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