In my wide awake but zombie state of mind I’m thinking
We can never really let go of our past;
Our past fears,past mistakes,past pains,past failures,past challenges.
The things that we let define who we are right now.
Not reaching out for our dreams because we’re afraid;
It’s better to have a dream than to have a failed reality.
So we find ourselves stagnated at the same place day in day out
As we slowly waste away our potential for greatness..

We build walls around us to protect us and keep pain out,
It’s better to be a lonely,empty shell than to risk the pain of losing again.
So we deny ourselves the joy of giving and sharing and caring,
Because wounds from the past stink so much, we can’t breath;
We refuse to heal.

We get stuck in self-destructive mode,
Because we let someone in the depths of our tortured past,
Brainwash us to believe we are not worthy.
As if God needs their permission to love us!
So instead everything we touch turns to ash.
And despite our shiny polished surfaces,
Inside resides a shivering,frightened child,
Hungry for love and approval and understanding and just one kind word.

We create multiple personalities,
Different faces for different phases,
Hiding our short comings in self-pity,
Forgetting we are perfect in our imperfections,
Forgetting Adam and Eve made the first mistake,
Forever branding us a flawed race.

We smile with our made up faces,
Lowering our empty, soulless eyes in shame.
Twitching hands deep in our pockets;
Too afraid to reach out, to wipe bitter tears,
Too scared lend a helping hand, to soothe a broken spirit.
We’re so caught up in our past fears, past mistakes, past pain, past failures, past challenges,
That we watch tomorrow pass by, as we live in the clutches of our yesterday.

Copyright 2009

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