Guest Poet: Kush Gathu

Meet Kush Gathu, my friend and honorary small bro. I love his writing and I’ve been trying to get him to share his stuff for a while, but since he’s reluctant I’ve decided to throw him in the deep end. 🙂 Sometimes all we need is a friend to nudge (all right this was more of a shove) us in the right direction…

Below is a sample of his stuff. Enjoy.

Promise to my unborn…

I know it’s kind of weird somewhat sort of strange,

But I’m sure I’m very sober and not at all deranged,

I’m making a promise to you at such a tender age

And I’m doing this now coz I’m indescribably enraged.

I promise to be there for you from the moment you exist

And all the undesirable things I’ll be doing I promise to desist,

I’ll take you to the best schools so no living thing can take for a fool,

Buy you the best attire so to your peers you’ll be looking cool,

I promise to learn what you hope for and what you fear,

Teach you the ways of the world so everything is clear

And if you ever need to talk daddy will always be near,

To hold you, embrace you and forever to lend his listening ear.

I’ll take note of what you like, what you don’t and what you might,

Be a guiding light in the day and darkest nights.

I promise never to criticize, demoralize or victimize you,

Nurture your mind and spirit to be civilized too

Coz you are me and I am you and for eons we both shall be….

I promise

She is

She is the most beautiful being I’ve ever seen,

To grace her presence makes me feel like a king,

She may not know this but for her I would kill,

And if I was to lose her I can’t begin to imagine the anguish I would feel.

She is more than just your average woman, more of a deity but still very human,

When she speaks her beautiful voice soothes my sadness

And when she’s sad her crystal tears fuel my madness.

Her tender touch is infinitely unmatched; she would soften any iron clad heart.

She is my source of strength, power and inspiration;

Joy, peace, love and motivation.

So I take this opportunity to make this declaration,

That I love you mama and I will be here for you regardless of the situation….

Mr. President

Excuse me Mr. President,

I am a hard-working resident,

You can tell from the lines on my face it’s quite evident,

I wanna express what I feel and I got some evidence.

I work hard toil for hours on end,

While your cronies fatten off my blood and sweat,

Insecurity is everywhere it’s a business that’s booming,

I try to smile but my face is so gloomy,

I just need you to explain something to me,

And don’t play games just answer me fully.

Why do I have to pay for your house and your car,

Your trips overseas and the drinks in your bar,

The fuel in your jet and your visits to the spa?

Please Mr. President make me understand

At least then maybe I won’t be so mad.

You and your friends with 6 foot bodyguards,

While we’re in the hood with 16 body bags.

Try and make me understand;

I feed you, clothe you, take you on trips to expensive hotels,

Buy you state of the art cars and even fuel them for you,

Pay for your entertainment, gym and spa

And last but definitely not least pay for highly trained security

While I live a life plagued by poverty, disease and unending insecurity.

I respect you Mr. President, but I just need to understand

Why don’t you ever return the Favours??

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  • Ben  On September 14, 2010 at 11:46 am

    Well, you can tell him he is something, something good. Now throw him

  • Kabee  On December 17, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    I think he’s awesome. After you throw him make sure u make him drown in it. Luv ya Kush…..

  • prity-enigma  On August 21, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    wow! Dis was quite a delight!

  • prity-enigma  On August 21, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    n aisha tnx 4 da shove. . .it was timely. .i did enjoy kush’s pieces.

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