Hear My Prayer

Dear God,

It’s me again

I’ve called out to You many times

I’ve sent my problems Your way

Sometimes it seems I’m always whining.

My prayers to You have been various

Sometimes selfish, sometimes mundane

But this time God, I have a special request

This time I ask for You.

Dear God,

I feel empty

I’ve walked many streets

I’ve met many people

I have laughed, cried, loved and despaired

I have found pleasure and deep sadness in this world

But despite being around people, I fee alone.

Like I’m caught in a circle of icy vacuum

No one can pierce through to touch me

No matter how much they care, how much they reach out

I  now know it’s only You who can fill this void.

Dear God,

I need you

I’m tired of crying alone in the dark

The only time I can dare show my shame

Drowning me in bitter regret

Helpless and lost

I seek reassurance, comfort, solace.

Dear God,

I’m on my knees

I’m insignificant without You

I submit myself to Your will, my Lord

I beg you to hear my call

Hold my hand and guide me

Committing me to Your cause

Dear Lord, hear my prayer

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