Thankful Thursday

The problem with always looking at the big picture is more often than not we forget that we used small brush strokes to create it. I have a huge problem with that. I’m so busy sweating the big successes that I let small victories pass by.  So in line with being more grateful for the blessings bestowed upon me, I’ll be doing a Thankful Thursday. I’ll try to focus on one good thing each week that I would have otherwise ignored and turn it into huge success. Hopefully with time I will learn that being alive in  itself is a huge victory.

Today I’m thankful for my family.

Family is such constant part of our lives that as much as we know they’re there we rarely acknowledge their presence unless something goes wrong. Sort of like our heartbeats, such a comfort when everything is ok, but the moment  you hear an irregular beat, panic sets in.

I come from a huge family.

My grandmother and her siblings raised their kids like they were all biological siblings growing up in each others houses. This created a close-knit unit and the culture has trickled down. There’s really no cousin or distant cousin in our family. As long as there’s a drop of the same blood flowing  in our veins then we’re all ndugu.

Imagine that the “grandparents” were 7, and they each had at least 6 kids,  and in turn the kids had an average of 3 kids each (that’s us). That’s a HUGE family. There’s a joke in the family that when we have events like weddings, we don’t really need to invite any outsiders, our family is enough to make it quite a celebration. As with all families, and especially our family, which is  such a diverse group, we are not a perfect family. But we all have a strong and amazing bond.

The person who inspired this post is the oldest member of our family; my grandmother. While not technically my biological grandma, she is my grandma. She’s the last surviving of our grandparents and she’s very sick. A prayer to God to give her comfort and give  strength to our family during this time.

Make sure you all be thankful for your families today. Make them the big picture.



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  • Marsh  On August 5, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Pole about your grandma. Will say a prayer for her. I always thought I had a huge family, till I met yours:) good stuff

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