Celebrating Motherhood

Today I celebrate the most amazing woman I know. The first woman I ever met. The woman who has influenced me like no other person and she continues every single day. My very own Phenomenal Woman. My mother.

The value of a mother can never be measured and it can never end. Everyone’s mum is special and the greatest gift God gave to us.

I may not always show it, but I’m awestruck by my mum. There is no one in my (HUGE) extended family who has not been touched by her kindness, generosity and guidance. She only gave birth to 3 kids but at different times she has raised like 20 (I kid not). The full deal: feed, clothe, educate, love. Every time I think about the selflessness and capacity for love that is required for any person to do that,  it just blows my mind. My mother personifies the true African women who through struggle, tears, laughter and sheer determination continue to build this continent. Through her I have learned to never give up, never give in and the meaning of  true strength and integrity. I have learned the value of family.  I pray that I become even half the woman who my mother  is.

I appreciate her and love her beyond words. I thank God for my mother.

Happy Birthday Ma. Love you.

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